What We Know About Strawberries

What are strawberries?  I mean, we know it's a fruit but when you think about it, what do we know other than how it looks and how it tastes?  Let's discover the strawberry together. 


The strawberry is a miniature fruit that is loaded with fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C.  If you pick them right, they are a sweet, juicy berry that can be eaten raw or cooked.  Normally, we pile them in a shake or a smoothie, preferably a Strawberry Banana Split Superfood Smoothie made by Ultra Shake. The strawberry is actually an ingredient found in the Ultra-shake's, Strawberry Banana Split Superfood Smoothie, Wildberry Primal Hemp Smoothie, and in the Vegan Life Strawberry Coconut Dream Smoothie. 


What We May Not Know About the Strawberry

What's in the strawberry protects you against heart disease, bad cholesterol readings, high blood pressure readings and cancer cells.  The strawberry yields high levels of antioxidants (polyphenols).  It's a source of manganese and potassium that is low in calories, cholesterol free and fat free!  In addition, it has more vitamin C than the common orange. 


The strawberry is a part of the rose family and they have been known to grow in bushes in the wild.  The strawberry is not really a berry, it's a misnomer.  It is a portion of the parent fruit, coming from the plant structure that holds the ovaries.  It's the result of a collection of several small fruits, which have a common seed called an achene.  We are accustomed to seeing red berries, however, they can be white or appear to be a shade of yellow.  The smaller they are, the more flavor they have. 


What Are The Benefits of Consuming Strawberries?

The health benefits of consuming strawberries are surprising.  The are used in accordance with brain function, reducing high blood pressure, arthritis and eye care.  It's primarily due to the polyphenols and the antioxidants in the berry that makes them good for the immune systems as well.  It also joins the fight against cancer and reduces the signs of aging.  The goodness in one strawberry surpasses that of an apple or orange. 


Did you know that strawberries are good for your skin?  Well, they are so even if you don't like to eat them, they can still provide a useful purpose.  As a facial mask or toner, strawberries can bring out the best in you.  Otherwise, there are other benefits of the strawberry such as -


  • They help to burn fat which has been stored. The red skin, believe it or not, contains anthocyanins, which speeds up the process of weight loss due to its fat burning qualities. Whoa... that's a stupendous benefit, don't you think?  Who would have thought you could enjoy eating juicy, mouth watering strawberries and lose weight, too?  What a concept! 
  • Anthocyanins encourages short term memory in individuals who regularly consume them. This ingredient is included in the Vegan Life Strawberry Coconut Dream smoothie. Furthermore, what's miraculous about this whole idea is that it can increase the memory by 100% in as little as eight weeks. 
  • Strawberries are extremely low in calories.  There's approximately 54 calories in a full cup of strawberries.  However, these little cuties are high in fiber and that, my friend, is healthful. Fiber makes the trips to the bathroom regular and smoother.  In turn, it also helps you to eliminate the waste in your body and around your waist. 
  • Inflammation reduction. Strawberries play a role in lowering the levels of C-reactive protein. When levels are high, it's a clear indication of inflammation in the body.  Attempt to include at least 16 strawberries a week in your diet or drink a Wildberry Primal Hemp Smoothie. 
  • Cardiovascular Help. To help lower the risk of heart disease, strawberries are packed with flavonoids.  These flavonoids give color and their taste to strawberries. 
  • Promoting strong bones is not just limited to milk or milk products. Strawberries bring magnesium, potassium and vitamin K to the table or to products such as Ultra Shake's Strawberry Banana Split Superfood Smoothie.  Are you as excited as I am?  Getting your vitamins never sounded so tempting before. 
  • Oesophageal Cancer could be a thing of the past, provided that freeze-dried strawberries (in their powdered form) prevents this from occurring.
  • Biotin is for help in building strong nails and hair. Strawberries also contain ellagic acid, which aids in the prevention of loose and sagging skin.  The extract is commonly used in skin care products and bubble baths.  So, the next time someone offers you a bubble bath and a protein shake, say yes!  They genuinely contain vitamin C and should be enjoyed.