Spirulina is known as one of the top ten superfoods. This means that the food is packed with vitamins and nutrients which your body need. Spirulina is a bluish greenish algae and holds the same nutrients as kelp and other sea vegetables. The difference is that Spirulina contains more nutrients and proteins than the common sea vegetable. In fact, there are 22 essential amino acids found in just a ½ a cup of an ultra shake (which is how most people consume the substance).

Apart from providing ample nutrients and vitamins to the body, Spirulina has been shown to have some physical benefits as well. This superfood when tested shown to actually help fix the neurons in brain damaged patients, the algae has also helped in restoring those with liver damage as well as those with allergies.  Because of the high antioxidant levels, Spirulina has also helped those with certain blood disorders and with anxiety and fatigue due to circulation problems.
From all of the benefits of this algae it is clear to see why so many times Spirulina has been listed as the #1 Superfood. The algae is usually offered in powdered or flake form, but can be consumed in tablets as well. The most common consumption in in what is known as the ultra shake.