One of the ingredients which one will find in the Ultra Shake is Wheat Grass. The plant is essential to anyone that is really focused on having a heathy intake of organic vitamins and minerals. In tests it has been proven that only 4 tablespoons of liquid wheat grass is equivalent to 5 pounds of raw organic vegetables. One can see that there is a great deal of healthy substance within the Ultra Shake liquid version of Wheat Grass.


Overall, Wheat grass provides you with everything needed to not only sustain a healthy living, but to thrive in health. The vitamins and minerals which Wheat Grass provides add health to the body. However, the wheat grass also works as a natural cleanser and an anti-toxin removing those things which have polluted the systems and caused health and mind malnutrition. Keeping the body at its peak, wheat grass has been listed as a superfood.Wheat Grass contains vitamins A, C, and B. These are the vitamins that help you in your sight, memory, weight loss, blood circulation, liver, digestion, and most functionality of your body. The wheat grass also serves as a great source of proteins and calcium which are fundamental in bone strengthening and healing.