Spinach is by far one of the most beneficial leaf vegetables available.  Ultra Shake has included the vegetable into its ingredients so that the tremendous benefits can be enjoyed by anyone. Spinach contains very low carbs. This is why you will notice that many health salads use Spinach instead of lettuce. However, the vitamins and minerals which can be found in Spinach are very high. In other words, you do not need to worry about getting fat off of Spinach.

Spinach’s main minerals are potassium, phosphorous, and protein. Like most green super foods, there are great deals of minerals which help to prevent cancerous cells.  There are also a large amount of antitoxins and antioxidants to be found within Spinach.  It is also true that Spinach provides a healthy level of Omega 3 and fatty acids. Combine this with the circulatory benefits which one receives and you have a great deal of benefits. This has led the leafy vegetable to be labeled as a super food. The diversity in which spinach can be used and the diversity of its benefits has contributed to its popularity. Salads and Ultra Shakes are a main method of consumption though there are many that eat the plant in its raw form.