Acai are berries which have been labeled as a super fruit. This berry has grown tremendously in popularity among those in the health world. The super fruit is very resistant to harmful toxins in the body. This means that it can act as a detoxing agent while not suffering desecration from harmful attacks on the nutrients and minerals within. Most of the time Acai berries are consumed in a liquid form. This is generally in the form of an Ultra Shake.

Acai has been marketed for two major benefits. These are energy rejuvenation and anti-aging elements. Both of these benefits have a number of sub benefits which are appealing. In the energy rejuvenation the antioxidants come strongly into play. The berry is also an aphrodisiac and can increase the sex drive. The anti-aging factor can be further explained in the way that the berry helps in cell regrowth, cancer cell prevention, and adding that “glow” to your complexion.

In terms of benefits from minerals and vitamins, a super fruit generally has it all and Acai berries are no different. The berry contains Vitamin E, Iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.  Because the Acai berry is best consumed in a blended state (uncooked) it is commonly found in health beverages and ultra shakes.