Whether you eat it whole or drink it as a fresh juice, the health benefits of beetroot is hard to beat. Beetroot is low in fat, cholesterol-free and it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Beets belong to the same family as spinach and chards. The root is is incredibility delicious and sweet, and it has a characteristic fresh earthy flavor that gives you a quick boost to kick start your day.

Nutritional facts

100 grams of raw beet has 43 calories, 0 fat, 10g of carbs, 3g of fiber and 2g of protein, making it a healthy and diet-friendly superfood. Beetroots are rich in folic acid, fiber, manganese and potassium.

Health benefits

Beetroots have been utilized for medical purposes for decades but they have recently sprung on the internet as a natural cure for many diseases. Beetroot is particularly different from other vegetables and roots because of its characteristic color, pigmented by a compound called betacyanin. Betacyanin is a potent compound and studies claim that it can actually suppress you risk of many cancers.




Beetroot is packed with fiber which means it improves bowel movements, prevents constipation and digestive problems and lowers cholesterol levels as well.

The fiber in beets also have been known to elevate the level of certain antioxidant enzymes in the body, especially glutathione peroxidase, which increases the number of white blood cells in the body responsible for battling abnormal cells.

Beetroot is also one of the richest sources of the amino acid, glutamine, which is vital for your intestinal tract and your overall well-being.

Some studies also claim that beetroot may have a positive effect on blood pressure. People who are prone to high blood pressure or hypertension may benefit from the consumption of beetroot because this would lower their risk of further complications such as heart disease and stroke. Studies indicate that regular intake of beetroot may be linked to lower death rates from heart attacks.

Perhaps the best way to consume beetroot is in its raw form, preferably by drinking its juice – or better the Ultra Shake drinks have organic beet juice. Great way to get those added nutrients! Beet juice has gained popularity over the years, especially since the Paralympic gold medalist David Weir introduced it as his key to success. When you eat the beetroot whole, chances are that you will be full quickly because you are having the fiber with it too. While it is important that you eat beetroots regularly, having a beetroot juice for a quick boost of energy while letting it be light on the stomach is the second best thing you can do. However, with our busy lives, it’s hard to spend time preparing a juice from scratch, which is why you can get it in powder form from Ultra Shake.