Maca is in the same family as the radish and is therefore in the root category as far as health food categorizing goes. Maca root is typically found in powder form or in health products such as Ultra Shakes. One of the biggest benefits is that there have been no recorded side effects from taking Maca. There have only been benefits.

Maca roots are rich in B,C, and E. These are essential for vision, hearing, and in memory. The minerals that maca provides includes zinc and amino acids. These are minerals that have been proven to be lacking in the average person. By adding zinc to your ultra shake, you have been ensured that you will receive a substantial amount of your required zinc and amino acid intake each day.

Maca is also primarily used as a performance booster in sexual matters. Maca has been known to increase endurance while at the same time balancing hormones in both men and women. The root has also helped women in menopause.

As a mental booster, Maca root is a great way to combat depression and anxiety. The root has also shown to increase focus as well as memory.