One of the most widely available berries in the world, the raspberry adds health and flavor to the Ultra Shake.  These berries are known for their pleasant flavor as well as their high level of health benefits. Uncommon to many fruits the Raspberries provide an ample amount of Lutein and Zeazanthin. These minerals are needed in the prevention of vision loss.

Raspberries have also played a part in organic medicine because the properties found within them are similar to the properties found in aspirin. People have noted that arthritis and gout have been successfully treated with the use of Raspberries.  They have also helped in relieving headaches, back pain, combating memory loss, and in maintaining a healthy complexion.

Raspberries such as those found in the Ultra shake, also have the ability to add cell tissue to the mouth and gums as well as protect the tongue from cell loss. So while you are enjoying the flavor of the ultra shake the raspberry ingredient is working to ensure that your taste buds can taste the flavor for years to come.  In addition, Raspberries help in maintaining cell growth by combating rapid cell growth which can lead to cancerous cells.

Juliet Wilson, a leading fertility nutritionist said that one portion of raspberries provided the same amount of Vitamin C as eating 173 grapes.

She said: 'Raspberries have not yet been given the 'super-food' recognition of other berries, but they have a comparable bounty of nutrients which shouldn't be ignored.

'Alongside their many health benefits, raspberries are a perfect snack for couples trying to conceive.

'Together with their high vitamin C content - one portion of raspberries provides the same amount as 173 grapes - they are also a good source of folate, which is known to be essential in key stages of female fertility and early embryo development.

'Raspberries provide essential nutrients that are known to enhance fertility in men and women.'