Rose Hips are the buds of rose bushes. Most individuals do not know that roses produce a fruit. It is for a brief time.  There are two forms (as not every common rose will produce the rose hips) of the plant. The these are  Rosa gallica and Rosa canina. If the bud is harvested at the proper time from one of these roses, the Rose Hips can have up to 60 times the vitamin c as an orange.

In addition to the surge of Vitamin C, Rose hips offer a high medical healing agent. The plant is high in Carbohydrates, B6, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Vitamin A. In one serving from an Ultra Shake, you get the daily need of vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Rose hips are also known to help in arthritis. Cultures in Asia have used the Rose Hip  for centuries to as a healing agent for bones and constipation. In modern times the Rose hip has been used to reverse the damage to cells which have been weakened due to radiation.

Rose hips are almost always consumed in an ultra shake or beverage form. Although there has been some use of the plant in other forms, the liquid format is the best practice to maximize the nutrients therein.