Teas, especially Green Teas, have been used for centuries to cure a number of aliments. Though most commonly consumed in solitary form (that being in hot green tea), many health foods are starting to contain green tea. Where the powdered form is beneficial to a degree,  green tea really should be consumed in an ultra shake or in hot form.

Green Tea offers an abundance of antioxidants. This helps in blood flow and circulation related prevention and maintenance.  Green tea offers help in fighting heart related diseases and reduces the risk of heart attack when taken in appropriate doses.

Not only has green tea helped in the heart, but the plant has helped in the head.  Studies have shown that Green tea helps to regenerate cells in the brain. This is a big step in prevention of memory loss and in nerve related illnesses.

Where some may not like the stronger flavor that Green Tea presents when consumed by itself, mixed with the ingredients of an Ultra Shake, the flavor and the benefits are merged together in a nutritious blend. Because drinking too much green tea may thin the iron in one’s blood, it is better to consume the plant with other ingredients (which we have) that increase iron