Goji berries are considered in the top 5 of all super fruit berries. The berries are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Usually, the Goji berry is associated with dietary supplements. It is true that the Goji berry can act as an appetite suppressant; however, the health benefits of the Goji berry go way beyond such curving one’s appetite.

Studies have proven the Goji berries stimulate the electrons in the brain that regulate your sense of happiness and well being.  The berries have also been proven to help cure insomnia, anxiety, increase calmness, and increase mental health.
When consumed in an Ultra Shake, the Goji berry performs as a digestive stimulator. The track is rid of toxins and harmful minerals more easily in the liquid state. Goji berries also help to stabilize the digestive process and has been proven to help in constipation and other intestinal issues.Goji berries have been proven to increase athletic performance, sexual endurance, increase mental capacity, and simulate healthy cell growth. Where Goji berries have been shown to have extremely high health benefits, experts have stated that there are still health benefits which have not been discovered in the plant.