When you talk about which fruit is better for you than the other, it would seem that blueberries are in a leading position.  They rank second, right after the strawberry, in terms of healthiness.  They are quite popular and this ingredient is found in Ultra-Shake's Blueberry Goji Mocha Superfood Smoothie and the Wildberry Primal Hemp Smoothie.  It's in the smoothie because of its high antioxidant properties.  There's no better reason than to share them with you than to keep you healthy. 

 While it's true they are tiny, they are packed with goodness.  They are kin to the cranberry and to the bilberry.  The purple marble shaped berry grows in clusters on a shrub.  It may have a whitish gray lining over it, which serves as a coat to protect it. 

 What are the Health Benefits of Blueberries? 

Native American folks have known about the benefits of eating berries for centuries.  Today, you can see them in some form in restaurants, nutrition stores, grocery stores, health food stores and fresh produce markets across the board.  With the latest trends in healthy recipes, there are plenty of healthful ways to include the raw berry into your meal.  The thought is that you should fill your bowl with all of the different colors of fruits to get enough nutrients to meet your daily requirements.  If you prefer, you can enjoy the Blueberry Goji Mocha Superfood Smoothie.  The Ultra Shake will supply the same nutritional value. 


  • You can't image the health benefits of the organic blueberry. Besides being low in calories, they are low in fat. You can eat a cup full and consume only 80 calories. This berry also contains polyphenol.   Polyphenol has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are super important when it comes to inflammation and chronic conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  As a bonus, it aids in lessening the effects of aging and cognitive degeneration. 
  • Blueberries help promote a healthy immune system and bone growth with its high volume of vitamin C and manganese.
  • In addition, eating blueberries aid in the fight to lower and maintain cholesterol levels. More so, they are a great source of fiber, which is critical for an active digestive system.
  • This tiny fruit yields more antioxidants in it than some of its larger fruity cousins and even some vegetables. We have enable all kinds of toxins to enter our body simply by just breathing in the air. The antioxidants provide a shield from the smoke, pesticides and other toxic agents.  The strength of the berry comes from anthocyanins, which is responsible for its color. 
  • We need these antioxidants to ward off free radicals, which are known to cause significant damage to the cellular structures or even DNA.

 If you are not consuming a Wildberry Primal Hemp Smoothie, you should be eating blueberries raw to receive the full benefits. They are good in a pancake or even a muffin, however, fresh is best.  You want to get the nutrients that are supposed to be in there.  Most of the time, they are processed and the wholesomeness of this superfood is compromised in the system.