One of the most consumed fruits in America is the banana. Often eaten by itself, but frequently an accessory to cereals and sandwiches, the banana has made a dominant impact on the health conscience world. Ultra shakes love to use bananas because they provide a sweet flavor in the beverage. However, there are a lot of great benefits to be found within the banana as well.

Bananas provide a tremendous amount of Potassium for the body. This is used to help in nerve and muscle function. Many people that have low blood sugar and blood pressure are also encouraged to eat bananas.  The vitamins and minerals to be found within the banana include Vitamin B, C, Manganese, Fiber, and a ton of amino acids. Overall, the fruit helps with the functionality and the performance of the entire body. The fiber acts to help in digestion, the potassium helps muscles and nerves, and the vitamins (which also include A and E) help in vision, hearing, kidney function, liver function, heart and cardio health, neuron development, and energy.

The Ultra shake has taken into consideration the minerals and the sweetness of the fruit and has included it within the drink to help balance the texture and flavor as well as enrich the benefits so as to provide a ultra-beneficial beverage.