The benefits of raw peanuts

An ingredient found in an abundance of ultra shakes is the raw peanut. Because of the high protein, the health food industry has used the raw peanut as a meat substitute in many of their products. Protein is essential in the development of muscles and in one’s overall health. A proper level of proteins must be maintained within the body in order to keep the body in balance. Where many companies have used whey to add protein, a healthier and tastier solution is in the form of raw peanuts.

Apart from the protein, raw peanuts (and nuts in general) provide an appetizer suppressant. It is not so much that the peanut curves the appetite as that the peanut fulfills the appetite with less substance. The peanut also contains folate which helps in fertility, Tryptophan which helps to fight depression, and vitamins which help in the development of the mind and body.

Because the Ultra shake is oriented to healthy foods and our shakes are mostly organic. Enriching in vitamins and minerals as well as flavor, the raw peanut adds the proteins needed to ensure a healthy balance of ingredients within the ultra shake.