What Is Acerola Cherry?

Acerola cherry is a well known fruit that has an enormous list of benefits from treating cold symptoms to gum infections to improving stamina.  It's enriched with vitamin A and C, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin.  It's not uncommon for people to use the acerola cherry for medicinal purposes.  For those with a vitamin C deficiency, acerola cherry could be a great resource.  There's plenty of quality ingredients in the acerola cherry protein shake.


You could eat one cherry and you will have met the daily requirements for vitamin C and twice as much potassium and B5.  When compared to eating carrots, the cherry provides similar results.  One tiny cherry is loaded with enough vitamin C to surpass that of an orange by over 60%.


Acerola cherry is a key ingredient found in Ultra-Shake's Green Apple Pie, Blueberry Goji, Mocha, Strawberry Banana Split and Peanut Butter Delight.  Because acerola cherry is packed with so many wondrous properties,  it is used in the protein shakes and fruit smoothies to prevent heart disease or atherosclerosis, blood clotting and some forms of cancer.     

The Terrific Benefits of Acerola Cherries

Just so you'll know, let's go over some of the fantastic benefits of the superfood, acerola cherry and of consuming a Blueberry Goji Ultra-Shake or a creamy Strawberry Banana Split smoothie.  Along with relieving symptoms of diarrhea, hay fever and sore throat, acerola cherry is good for

  • strengthening the immune system, protects against heart disease and cancer
  • Vitamin C is known to increase restoration of tissues, enrich skin cells, protect the liver and prevent hair from thinning. 
  • Due to this cherry containing anthocyanins, it serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. As a result of this, headaches are less frequent.  In fact, if you have a headache now, try eating a cherry instead of reaching for a pain pill. 
  • Potassium plays a big part in our moods, believe it or not. Additionally, it helps to regulate and maintain a low blood pressure reading. 
  • Acerola cherry contains high levels of vitamin B5 and magnesium as well.
  • Ingesting fruits that contain the antioxidants (carotenoids and flavonoids) necessary to prevent heart disease and cancer.


This particular cherry perhaps came from the Yucatan.  It is distributed all across the board from the Bahamas to Trinidad to the West Coast in America and it survives in the sub-tropical regions.  It thrives on sunlight, therefore, it's delicate during the winter months.  The vein like roots suggest that the plant can be inter-planted with others and in constricting spaces.  The plant only grows to be about two feet tall and can be cultivated in a decorative hanging basket with success. 


The fruit itself is round to oblong.  It's shaped like an apple on its bottom, it has a bright red skin color and owns a light sweetish flavor. You can cook with cherries and make a specialty jam with it.  It will make a tasty sauce or a beautiful looking and tasting glaze that is healthy for you.  You can also get your fill of the acerola cherry in Ultra-Shake's Green Apple Pie.