Monk Fruit

Monk fruit, if you have never heard of it, is a small melon like fruit.  Monk fruit gets its name from the early Buddhist monks who likely cultivated it in parts of Southern China.  Monk fruit is a sweet fruit that goes back to the 13 century and is commonly known for its healing capacities. Those that are familiar with monk fruit may call it Luo Han Guo.  

It is a surprisingly natural sweetener that is used in juices, teas and coffee as a substitute for sugar.  You can also cook with it.  It outweighs sugar hundreds of times over.  It has plenty of antioxidants as well. Monk fruit doesn't contain any calories, either.  When you consider that it is void of calories and sweeter and healthier than sugar, you can be confident about using monk fruit.   

Monk Fruit | Luo Han Sweetner Benefits in Ultra ShakeMonk fruit acts similar to that of granulated sugar.  It's heat soluble so it can be used to cook or bake with.  If you are looking for a healthy choice opposite sugar, monk fruit may be for you.  It is pleasant-tasting and it doesn't have an aftertaste.  

 With more people watching what they eat and drink nowadays, monk fruit is an excellent choice as an organic alternative.  Relax and enjoy savoring your favorite Ultra Shake, dairy products,  protein shakes, cereals, and beverages.  The folks in China have known for hundreds of years that Luo Han Guo contains healing properties and they have consistently used monk fruit in their herbal recipes. 

It's an all natural fruit which is useful in calming the symptoms of a cold and fever, lung disease, high cholesterol and digestive disorders.  Outside of that, those who suffer with diabetes are able to decrease blood sugar levels, triglycerides and improve liver dysfunction.  You can consider monk fruit as one of the safest, organic and natural sweeteners on the market today