What's Special About the Apple?

The phrase, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is essentially true. Apples, as we may all know, go way back in history, starting with the creation of the earth. The story of Adam and Eve is best explained and recognized by the story of eating the verboten fruit. Apples are thought to be contrary of this story as they are truly good for you... we want you to eat the apple or drink the apple in this case. This ingredient is found in the Ultra Shake's Green Apple Pie Smoothie. 

 Certain shades of the red apple may take on new meaning. An apple which is deep, rich red is said to have more anthocyanins. In terms of being healthy for you, the organic apple is perhaps the best choice.  When you consider that quercetin, chlorogenic acid, epicatechin and polyphenol are the essential nutrients in the apple, you benefit from consuming this superfood once a day. 

 What Are The Benefits of the Organic Apple?

The polyphenol content in apples relates to their skin color as well as ours. The polyphenol in the apple helps to protect our skin against the sun rays. In the apple, they make it easy for the apple to bruise, therefore, the apple will turn brown when exposed much like us when we are exposed to the sun. Inside the apple skin is what's called polyphenol oxidases. 


When an apple is exposed or damaged, oxidation takes place and the apple starts to change its color and this process can reduce its effectiveness.  In the end, one bad apple could contaminate the others with the ethylene gas it releases.  If you should notice a “bad” apple in the group, remove it promptly. Having said that, let's look at the benefits of a good apple.



Wouldn't you know that the polyphenol content is why there are antioxidants in the apple, however, this is where it gets interesting.  Apples have the capacity to reduce oxidation of cell membrane fats.  This is extremely important as it could affect the blood vessels and the risk of clotting of the arteries or atherosclerosis.  Moreover, the antioxidant properties in the organic apple and in Ultra Shake's Green Apple Pie protein shake lowers asthma symptoms and the chances of lung cancer!  

 Superfood Apple Benefits in Ultra Shake

Cardiovascular Health

In relationship to the apple and to cardiovascular health, fiber and their polyphenol content seem to be at the top of the list of the benefits.  By regular consumption of a fresh apple, the process of oxidation eliminates fats in the bloodstream that could cause damage to the blood vessels.  Therefore, you lower the risk of cardiac problems by ingesting the apple or products made with apples like the Ultra Shake (Green Apple Pie).   


Regulate Blood Sugar

It is said that the polyphenols influence the digestive system and absorbs much of the carbohydrates we eat. What this does is impact the blood sugar by slowing down carbohydrate digestion and breaking down sugar in the body.  It also reduces glucose absorption in the digestive tract and arouses the pancreas so that it can produce more insulin. 

 As a result, sugar no longer remains in the bloodstream, they are active in the blood cells and blood sugar levels are stabilized. Polyphenol, supplied by the fruit, assist the muscle cell insulin structure to alleviate the passage of sugar to the bloodstream and into the cells where they belong. 

 The Cancer Fight

When it comes to cancer, the benefits of the apple in Ultra Shake's Green Apple Pie are impressive.  Not many fruits can claim that it stands up to cancer cells, nonetheless, apples own this reputation.   In addition, apples are taking on lung cancer as well. 

 Treating Asthma

In with the fight against cancer and blood sugar, apples are beneficial when it comes to treating asthma.  Apple is an ingredient which is found in the Ultra Shake, primarily Ultra Shake's Green Apple Pie protein You need to reward yourself with an apple a day to take advantage of this health benefit.  The apple a day can be a treat that is deliciously disguised as a protein shake. It's because of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are associated with the Ultra Shake that you are able to get these nutrients and lessen or eliminate  any signs of asthma or cancer.