There's a lot of controversy about salt lately as to which one is better than the other. Himalayan Pink Salt is all natural and is safe to use. It's the purest superfood that nature made. I know you're probably frowning at the thought of a pink salt on your table or in your food, however, the color is an indication that it's rich and has plenty of minerals in it unlike regular table salt. In fact, it is imported into the markets in order to bring the salt to your table and into the Ultra Shake. When it comes to the line of Ultra Shakes, this ingredient is found only in Ultra Shakes Peanut Butter Delight.

Most people think of sodium chloride when they think of salt.  It's a worthless substance which is white and typically, doesn't have any nutritional value. Most table salts had to force iodine into their product to prevent certain forms of  degenerative joint diseases. An iodine deficit is said to be the leading cause of most mental abnormalities or dysfunctions in children. Consuming too much salt could cause damage to the unborn child's development. 

The white salt, which is processed doesn't have the nutrients that Himalayan pink salt does. It's void of over 80 minerals. Himalayan Pink Salt is used in therapeutic practices as well as in the culinary arts and it has its cosmetic appeal. The salt crystals are beautifully formed and each has its own color ranging from an off white to a glistening pink tint. This sea salt is untouched and provides many of the essential minerals that the body needs. 

The Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

It supports the body by eliminating poisons and regulates PH levels in women. When you consume Himalayan Pink Salt on a consistent basis, you are able to get the maximum benefits from this powerful substance.  Use it in a smoothie for a great tasting drink or protein shake. 

This marvelous salt is available in health spas, from holistic health care professionals and it's ideal as a relaxing bath salt.  The holistic health care experts swear by it and faithfully include it in aromatherapy, organic soaps, body scrubs and in other natural products. Because the Himalayan Pink Salt has the missing 80 elements that white salt doesn't, 

  • it keeps dehydration at bay. It puts water back inside and outside of cells
  • Balances out pH levels and charges an electrolyte balance
  • Prevents acid reflux symptoms
  • Increases metabolic functionality
  • Lowers blood pressure readings
  • Builds strong bones

 This history of the Himalayan Pink Salt dates way back, over 250 million years ago. It is noted as being a rare and valuable mineral or superfood. The story has it that the salt was used to preserve fish and other meats during the year. When spring came around, they would transport the salt to the valleys for trading. 

Still today, this salt is mined by hand as a custom of the Himalayan culture. Most of what is delivered to the stores for commercial use comes from Pakistan. You would think with the technology that is out there, that another method would be in force, however, it remains the same.  After it is gathered for processing, the salt is then crushed, washed and sun dried. Once you have it in your possession, it is best kept in a cool place, away from moisture in a covered container that is sealed tightly.