Benefits of Vanilla bean in Protein Shake

  • Vanilla is probably one of the most used flavors or flavoring by almost every cook anywhere in the world.  It comes from the Vanilla planifolia which is a tropical plant or more to the point, a climbing orchid.  It is born in the rain forests of Mexico, Tahiti, and Madagascar.  It's the only one of its kind that can produce a fruit that has a sweet smell and which is edible. 

     The orchid blooms are hand picked and only show their beautiful pods for one day only.  The vanilla vines can get to be extremely tall... up to 80 ft and higher.  To get to your table, they must go through an extensive process to achieve those little specks of dark brown or black beans.  Before processing they appear to be plump and they have almost like a wax or shine on their skin. 

     The primary substance of the vanilla bean is vanillin, however, the extract is composed of

    • copper
    • wax
    • pigments
    • organic acids
    • fixed fatty oil
    • tanins
    • sugars
    • resins


    Vanilla also comprised of small amounts of minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, and zinc.   Some believed that vanilla served as an aphrodisiac.

     You can find  organic wild bourbon vanilla beans in the Ultra Shake.  The shake is a pretty important part of a nutritious meal and is a delightful resource for energy and vitamins. Most vegans enjoy the Ultra Shake as it is tasty and is suitable for the vegetarian with a vegan lifestyle. 

    The benefits of vanilla in the Ultra Shake are truly remarkable.  Would you believe that vanilla has healing properties?  Vanillin has antibacterial properties which can prevent pimples and acne from occurring.   In addition, vanillin is high in antioxidants, therefore the effects of free radicals and skin damage are reduced.  

     Try the Ultra Shake today!  It's a treat I'm sure you will find gratifying.