When it comes to eating healthy, brown rice has many benefits that you may not even know of.  For starters, it provides a source of protein and is suitable for use by those of you who participate in a vegan lifestyle.  It's a superfood for many dieters and fitness buffs.  In addition, it can be an exceptional item in connection with losing weight or managing your weight maintenance goals.  If you have a sensitivity to diary or soy products, you can safely consume brown rice. 


Health Benefits of Brown Rice in Smoothie or Protein Shake

Brown Rice ProteinIf you are concerned about developing diabetes (type 2), eating at least two servings a week could lower the risk.  You can lower your chances by 16% by ingesting brown rice containing products such as a Vegan Life Shake.  If you add whole wheat or barley, the risk is even less.  As far as a requisite for a daily dose of fiber, it supplies 14% of the total recommendation.  Meeting the daily requirement of rice or the protein that it provides, is important if you are looking for protection against colon and breast cancer. Let's look at a few more benefits of raw brown rice. 


Preventing Weight Gain

  • A woman who consumes plenty of whole grains in her diet can maintain a consistent number on the scale. It's safe to use after you have met your weight loss goals, therefore you can keep from gaining any weight. 


Lowers Asthma Risk

  • Among children, asthma is considered to be a common ailment. However, you can reduce the chances of developing asthma symptoms by eating loads of whole grains and fish by 50%. 


Energy for Digestion

  • Proteins takes longer to digest if you get your source from red meat. In other words, it stays in your system longer.  By eating raw brown rice or foods containing high amounts of protein, you create heat at your body's core, therefore you'd burn more calories after you eat than before a meal that is rich in protein.  In reality, only 30% of the calories from protein are affected by the digestive system.   Be sure to look for foods with protein in them if you are a vegan or vegetarian.


Muscle Recovery

  • If you are enduring strenuous physical activities for long periods of time, it's likely your muscles are taking a beating. Without the proper nutrients, it's harder for the body or for the muscles to recover.  You should consume 30 to 50 grams of protein per serving.  Brown rice properties are generally compared to those of whey products or egg proteins. 


What they have in common is that the amino acids are released to the body and into the blood in around the same time as it does whey containing products. As a result of using Ultra Shake, you can rebuild muscle faster and retain strength longer.  


Brown rice is also low in calories and aids in lowering cholesterol as much as it contributes to weight loss unlike other sources of protein like red meat for instance.  As an ingredient used in the Ultra Shake, brown rice is able to restore strength, rebuild muscle and assist recovery efforts after a workout.  Rice protein carries nine of the most significant amino acids necessary for a healthy body.