Mangoes come in all sorts of sizes, flavors, skin colors and shapes. The skin color of the superfood can be anything from orange, red to yellow. Beyond its creamy, sweet taste the mango has lots of benefits, especially minerals and vitamins. Mangoes have lots of health benefits such as reducing the threat of macular degeneration, colon cancer reduction, enhanced digestion, improved hair and skin as well as bone health.

Consuming mangoes and products containing the fruit lowers the threat of attaining asthma due to the beta-carotene in it. Beta-carotene is also crucial in protecting the body against the angst of prostate, breast, leukemia, and lung and colon cancers. The vitamin K in mangoes is also helpful in lowering the risks of bone fracture by improving the bone health in humans.

Fiber is important in lowering type-2 diabetes and balancing blood glucose levels. The fiber in powder form in our Ultra-Shake will definitely help prevent constipation, promote a healthy digestive tract and digestion.

The vitamin and potassium content in our organic mango extract is helpful in lowering heart disease risks. Increase in potassium and perhaps lowering the intake of sodium, especially in table salt is known to have a huge impact in warding off cardiovascular diseases. It means enjoying the Ultra Shake will bring these benefits to you while lowering the need for sodium in the body, promoting better heart health.

Those who enjoy mangoes bring a lot of benefits to their hair and skin.  Due to the vitamin A in the fruit, sebum is produced by the skin keeping the hair as moisturized as possible. All tissues in the body, including the skin and hair also benefit from vitamin A in mangoes and definitely in the protein shake.

Not to forget the moderate copper levels in a mango, a critical co-factor in most vital enzymes and in red blood cells production.