Hemp - The Superfood

Hemp Protein has many benefits. This superfood can be found in the Paleo Hemp UltraShake  and the VeganLife Ultra Shakes.


superfood hemp benefits ultrashake infographic

It's no secret that hemp has many undisputed qualities.  The people at Ultra Shakes know this and that's why they have included it in the Ultra Shake and the Vegan Life Shakes.  The seed that comes from a hemp plant is extremely useful.  It has numerous nutrients and can be used in a variety of foods and in non food products.  It's a well-known fact that hemp has medicinal purposes, but did you know that it holds Omega fatty acids as one of its properties?   It's an all natural plant food that can be enjoyed by vegans and especially those who like the Vegan Life Ultra Shake or the Paleo Hemp Ultra shake. 


Hemp seed also helps to prevent heart conditions and will likely improve the overall health condition of someone who is not taking advantage of its goodness.  Although a derivative of marijuana, hemp doesn't have enough THC in it to affect or harm you in any way.  It's quite the opposite in that it's high in Omega 3 and 6, which is great news if you have problems with your heart.  Additionally, hemp seed has extraordinary qualities if you are need of protein, butter, soap and finishing oil.  They even have a nutty taste that can be put on top of a salad or cereal.  Nonetheless, you should consider trying a Paleo Hemp Ultra Shake. 

 What You Should Know

If you were to add hemp foods to your meal plan, there's a few things you should know first.  You should know about the advantages of the Ultra Shake made with hemp seed. 

  • It's an outstanding source of both fiber and protein. These substances tend to slow down digestion and promote regular waste removal.  Hemp seed is easier to digest than meat or even milk and other dairy products.  Hemp, in addition, reduces blood sugar levels while producing enough energy for you to be active throughout the day. 
  • There's not a lot of plants that will yield Omega 3 and 6 properties, however, hemp is one of them. Because hemp has Omega 6 qualities, bones are stronger.  Not only that, it aids in stimulating hair growth and skin repair.  It corrects the metabolic rate and supports brain function.  The Omega 3 actually helps to eliminate Alzheimer’s symptoms or decrease the risk of heart disease and hemp seed lowers your blood pressure rate.
  • For a healthier immune system, you should try the Ultra Shake. Hemp seeds are rich in vitamin E and protein.  It strengthens the immune system therefore, reduces the chances of catching a cold.  It also helps to remove toxins, which can hide in the body.   
  • Can be consumed by those who are intolerant of cheese, milk and nuts without the side effects. There aren't any known side effects of hemp seed so it's safe to use. 
  • Consuming products which contain hemp seed like the Ultra Shake, health conscious vegans can ingest hemp seed safely and without worry.


Hemp seed is good for you in many ways.  You can enjoy the benefits of this superfood in the Ultra Shake or the Paleo Ultra Shake to improve quality of muscle, blood cells, tissues and organs.