Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots are small, orange colored fruits, sweet in taste and smooth in texture. Their flesh and skin is velvety with a musky flavor and slight tartness. The superfood is organic and richly endowed with antioxidants and adds a malignant amount of calories in a diet.

Apricots are endowed with Vitamin A, critical in good eyesight and normal vision, reproduction, maintaining soft and skeletal tissues, healthy mucous membranes, enhancing a healthy skin, keeping the teeth healthy, and maintaining a proper immune system. Beta-carotene is the main type of vitamin A in Apricots. Beta carotene in the fruit is also highly involved in lowering the risks of Neovascular ARMD, another illness related to the eyes. Macular degeneration, an eye disorder is easily prevented even by the apricots in powder form in our Ultra Shake. Macular degeneration is the major cause of sight loss in older individuals.

Other antioxidants in apricots include polyphenolics such as flavonoids, critical in helping to reduce heart diseases. The rich antioxidant content in apricot gives the body the much needed properties of inhibiting cancer by keeping the body clean from cancerous cells and free radicals.

Apricots also contain a good amount of potassium, an electrolyte mineral. Within the protein shake they help in the maintenance of fluid balance, regulation of the heartbeat and enhancing muscle function. Potassium promotes strong bones and a health digestion. Sufficient daily levels of potassium reduce the threats of a stroke and normalize blood pressure.

Apricots are also endowed with significant amounts of fiber. This helps in maintaining and promoting healthy cholesterol levels and blood glucose. Fiber in the Ultra Shake is in a powder form and protects a person from constipation while ensuring a consistent and healthy emptying of the intestines.

Apricots extracts in the Ultra-Shake also contain ample levels of non-heme iron the body absorbs slowly but gradually, which makes the iron highly effective in dealing with anemia. Not to mention the antioxidants in apricots leave the skin healthy, youthful and delays the facial appearance of aging.