You know, staying away from sweets and chocolate has to be one of the hardest chores I've ever experienced. When I saw my co-worker pull out her snack, it didn't make matters any better. At the same time, my first thought was 'Are you kidding me?' A great tasting dessert from a microwave doesn't seem possible, but they've done it. When I saw it, omg, I was shocked! She offered me a bite and I couldn't refuse. It looked incredibly delicious however, I know that everything that looks good, isn't so I put it to the real test. In my mouth it went and I have to tell you that the Instant Mocha Microwave Muffin was the best ever! The only thing I could do then was sigh and shake my head with disbelief while I was digging for more. It was a good thing she brought two. LOL When I say I was scrapping the sides, trust and believe, I was scrapping the sides! It was so good that sharing with anyone else was not an option. Nonetheless, my new best friend did give me the recipe and that I can share... along with some of the benefits.

  How to Make Instant Mocha Microwave Muffins


 ¼ cup all-purpose flour

¼ bottle Mocha Ultra-Shake

¼ tsp. baking powder

2 tbsp. Coconut oil

1 tbsp. hazelnut chocolate spread (optional and can substitute with another flavor)


 In your mixing bowl, add all of your dry ingredients together and stir. Next, pour in your Mocha Ultra-Shake, 2 tablespoons of water and oil and mix together so that there aren't any clumps. Once you have a smooth, creamy batter, pour into your soup mug. If you don't have a soup mug, use one that is big enough to have an ample serving. Remember to leave room at the top so that it won't spill out and leave a mess in the microwave. Next, spoon in the spread. Put it right in the middle of your batter. Line your microwave with a few paper towels to catch any spillage and set for 70 seconds. After the bell rings, remove and eat until your heart is content.

Because you are using the Goji Blueberry Mocha Ultra-Shake, you are assisting the body to break down any fats that tend to lounge around all of the wrong places. You will be eating your way to a better looking skin and a better looking body. Who can do this but Ultra-Shake? You will have the only dessert containing Omega 3 acids among your co-workers. When everyone else is feeling fatigued, you'll be bouncing around the office naturally.

When you get a moment, share with us your thoughts and even send in some pictures of how your muffins turn out. Let us know if you used the hazelnut or tried something else. We wanna know!