I remember some time ago a famous restaurant chain promoted their All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes campaign. I would go into a frenzy just contemplating the thought. Should I go... should I not go? It was extremely difficult, but I conjured up the courage to say 'No.'

You must know that I'm on a personal campaign and commitment to eat right and stay fit. However, I have this weakness for fluffy, golden brown pancakes that just melt in your mouth. (sigh) I could imagine myself there - indulging in plate after plate of deliciously fattening sweet cakes. I was so engulfed in my day dreams that I actually stumbled upon a recipe I could live with.

The recipe is so easy-to-follow that my 11 year old can do it. What's more is that he ate his portion and while I wasn't looking, he took one of mine! That's the kind of response a mom could only hope for when preparing something totally nutritious. If my child loved them, they really must be delicious. I hope you try them at home.


Green Apple Pie Ultra-Shake Sweet Cakes



 1 cup of your favorite pancake mix

1 bottle of Green Apple Pie Ultra-Shake 

8 oz of water (water from the kitchen sink is fine!)

Fruit for toppings (optional)



Pre-heat griddle or skillet while preparing your ingredients. Slowly add the cup of pancake mix directly into the bottle of the Green Apple Pie Ultra-Shake freeze dried protein powder, and add water. Close and shake 29 times to activate nutrients. Next, using a buttered griddle or a cast iron skillet under medium heat, pour out the batter. Use about a ¼ of the mixture to form a perfect, silver dollar pancake.

Let them cook until the bubbles burst and the edges and sides are a picturesque golden brown (approximately 1 minute per side). After both sides are done, top with beautiful bananas or sumptuous strawberries and serve! One bottle of the Green Apple Pie Ultra-Shake mix should make at least 6 pancakes.

These are so good, you don't need any syrup or nuts to top it off with. In fact, they are so good that you should tell your friends about it. You will be the talk of the town but in a good way. People will say that not only do they taste great, but they feel good about the ingredients.

This recipe was specifically chosen because of what's in the powdered mixture. The special ingredients promote cell rejuvenation and increase the natural hydrating process for healthy joints and radiant, clear skin.

Yes, these pancakes are terrific served using ingredients the way nature made them. Consuming several helpings will improve the appearance of your skin and repair overworked muscles after a vigorous workout.

Note: If you want to turn the plain but unforgettable pancakes into a real treat, try this idea: Sprinkle nuts or fruit on the griddle while the pancakes are cooking and stir. Take out when pancakes are ready, take a split second to adore, then dig in. Eat as many of the heavenly pancakes as you like!