Sometimes I have the urge to crunch something, don't you? But at the same time, I want something juicy and sweet. Yes, it one of those rare moments when I cannot make up my mind. I just don't know what I want to eat. You go over to the fridge, you open it and there's nothing in there, but a bowl of strawberries.


You think - that's not it and you close it. You walk over to the pantry and you decide on eating some granola right out of the bag. On the way out of the kitchen, an idea punches you in the face like Bam! Once again, indecision comes up with a masterpiece.


In this case, I'll be enjoying a bowl of granola, Greek yogurt and some scrumptious red strawberries. Sounds delicious, doesn't it. I can assure you that it is. I'll give you the recipe so that you can try it on your own.




1 cup/container of coconut Greek yogurt

½ of a Strawberry Coconut Cream Ultra-shake

3 strawberries

¼ cup of granola



Whip together the Greek yogurt and the Strawberry Coconut Cream Ultra-Shake protein powder until consistent, smooth and creamy. Grab a mid size cup/bowl and grace the bottom with the mixture. Slice your berries in half or however you want and toss them in your dish.

Next, add the quarter cup of granola for the crunch. Problem solved. I can have my superfood and eat it, too! I can't believe it, but there's a walloping 32 grams of protein in this simple recipe. Who's bad? Haha! I'm bad, but what's in my bowl is so, so good.

You should already know that the Ultra-Shakes loads their protein shakes with the necessary vitamins. Everything about this easy-to-follow recipe is organic so you know it's healthy. Now I can sit back on the couch and watch all of the red-hot drama on television.

Actually, this is a terrific recipe for you and the kids to do together. Once you teach them, you won't ever have to worry about making it again. They can make it themselves and impress their friends with its pure and natural taste. In addition, it's totally perfect for this weather and makes for an irresistible addition to outdoor meals.