The Sweet Secret to Being Happier and Slimmer

Chcocolate make you slimmer

You’re in luck if you’ve been craving a sweet treat! Studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis can help boost your mood while reducing your waist line.

The Happy Chemical

Dark chocolate contains flavanol that help improve blood flow throughout the body, which can improve brain function as a result. However, it also helps boost the chemical known as serotonin[1]—also known as the happy chemical. Serotonin is the brain chemical responsible for happiness and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Weight Reduction & Dark Chocolate

Of all the flavonoids contained in dark chocolate, the most astounding is a group called oligomeric procyanidins (PCs). This compound provides excellent anti-diabetes and anti-obesity benefits because of its positive effect on blood glucose levels[2]. Studies have proven that mice which consume this compound in small amounts on regular basis have a lower body fat percentage than mice who do not consume the compound and the same is proving true for humans as well!

Remember Moderation & Ultra-Shake!

While dark chocolate has amazing benefits, as discussed above, the amount and type of food you consume your dark chocolate with will make all the difference in achieving your goals. Chocolate is an easy food to over-consume and can quickly increase your daily caloric intake and start increasing your waistline—which isn’t what most of us are after!

Fortunately, we’ve included dark chocolate in our nutrient-packed ultra-shakes so you can enjoy the flavor and reap the rewards while consuming something that is all-around good for you! If it’s chocolate you’re after, try our chocolate peanut butter shake or our vegan chocolate crazy coco variety. Craving one of our other delicious varieties? Try having just a small square or two of rich dark chocolate (remember to stick to a small serving) along with your favorite ultra-shake flavor for a healthy snack that will help boost your mood while helping achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.


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