About US


There might be many shakes in the market that promise ultra energy through just one of their cans. People buy them without knowing their background because they rarely have any. At Ultra-Shake we make sure that when we say our shakes (super smoothie protein shake, vegan life superfood protein shake, yogi bliss recovery shake, pure+3 simple protein and paleo natural protein shake) is the best ever one source for all your body needs, we provide the background proof or ingredients behind them too!

Ultra- shake Inc started as an idea to replenish the whole body through some fuel that would make it nutrient rich just through a simple drink again 5,000 years ago in the localities of old Asia. Our founder had been desperate for the search of youth retention as he commenced studying Chinese medicine and spent four years after four different cities were explored for the same.

The ‘long-life village’ of Bama where every person lived at least 106 to 110 years was amusing enough to start the journey here to know what they consume every day. The mineral and alkaline properties rich water was made of unique mixture of herbs while their food was preservative free and artificial flavor free. Hence we took the minerals, herbs, sugar and proteins replication and went to the highest altitude of Tibet to explore further.

While our founder remained the first to run the Tibet Marathon in Lhasa, Dalai Lama we found that people had difficulty in breathing because of the high altitude and consumed a root called Rhodiola which according to them reverse’s signs of aging too. Hence these rare ingredients were also included in our formula.

Next green tea, spirulina and chlorella were included for longevity from Japan, Okinawa which was famous for the same while Thailand was lastly visited to get the energy drink formula as the first organic formula was discovered here.  After this science and technology was combined over four years of research and USDA certified ingredients were recognized to make the freeze-dried Ultra shake!

Hence Ultra-Shake is the best solution for great health support, rich in vitamins and nutrients.