"Get ready yoga bears...THE BEST SHAKES IN TOWN!! I'm not a fan of shakes, whey protein builds, and every other ingredient that makes you feel like you're about to turn into Frankenstein. Mostly every power bar now consists of complicated names and soy These shakes powdered, because when we powder raw food, it preserves the life and the nutrients the meal has to offer. Think about it, to nurture your health, it's much better to consume life from the ground rather than death. I spoke to the company and they let me in on their inspiration: traveling to a place in China called Bama, where everyone was over 100 years old. There was only one good reasoning, and that's for the alkalinity from the mountains water running into the rivers and their consumption of super foods. A real, organic protein from the ground that has short, sweet names that are meant for you to understand. I am pairing up with @ultrashakes and @drinkyogibliss to help promote these wonderful shakes. I would never promote something if it didn't have a voice that stood for the strong belief of health of our community."
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