Strawberry Banana

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Blueberry Mocha 

Ultra Green 

Organic Spirulina
with over 100 types of nutrients, one of the richest food source in the world.
Organic Carrot
Vitamin A & health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti-aging.
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Sustainable Moringa
Lowers blood pressure, reduces wrinkles and detoxifies body
Organic Wheat Grass
High in chlorophyll, helps oxygenate your blood, also boosts metabolism
Organic Barley Grass
Controls blood sugar levels, helps maintain weight, decreases fat
Organic Alfalfa
high in many essential vitamins and minerals, flushes out toxins
Organic Broccoli
Anti-aging properties, kills cancer cells, regulates blood pressure
Organic Spinach
improves skin, bone health and glucose controls. Lowers cancer risks
Chlorella (Cracked Cell)
detoxes the body, improves immunity and alkalinity and cell strength
Organic Acai
helps prevent arthritis, inflammation, obesity, ED, and allergies
Organic Beets
Lowers blood pressure, boosts stamina, detoxes & improves muscle function
Organic Maca
with mood balance, skin, energy, vitamin B, C, and E
Arthritis, contains antioxidants, diet friendly, and reduces cancer risk
Organic Rose Hips
Natural remedy for back pain, diabetes, gout, sciatica, and ulcers
Cancer prevention, aids in blood circulation, eye health and digestion
Organic Goji Berries
Low in calories, fat-free, packed with fiber and antioxidants
Green Tea
body, alleviates toothache pain, fights inflammation and reduces stress
Acerola Cherry
Reduces blood sugar, oxidative stress, and protects from lung cancer
Organic Flax Seed
Low carbohydrates, high omega 3 fatty acids, and contains lignans
Apple Pectin
Improves intestinal environment and reduces blood pressure
Benefits respiratory system, memory, and prevents prostate cancer
F.O.S. - Chicory Root
Liver support, high in antioxidants, helps with digestive health
Organic Strawberries
High in antioxidants, improves skin, hair and overall health
Organic Bananas
Assists with weight loss, arthritis, gout, ulcers & kidney disorders
Raw Organic Cacao
Prevents cancer and has tremendous cardiovascular benefits
Raw Peanuts
healthy lipids,heart benefits, contains vitamins B, C and E
Wild Blueberries
Great for brain health, cancer, pigment, &  promotes youthfulness
Premium Espresso Beans
Contains antioxidants, decreases rate of prostate cancer, and heart disease