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    • We welcome you to apply for sponsorship. This program is available to you at no cost, and provides you with several valuable benefits. See below for details, then complete the short, 2 minute application form at the bottom.

      For Sponsorship we ask that you know our product, so the best candidate is a happy client.

      1. We ask that you have an account with us and placed at least 1 order
      2. You have "Liked" us on Facebook
      3. You Followed us on Instagram 
      4. You Followed us on Twitter
      5. You Follow us or have joined our circle in Google+


      We Give You

      You give us

      As part of our Sponsored  Athlete / Model Program you will be eligible for the following perks:

      Substantial product supplies

      A Sponsored Athlete/ Model account at Ultra-Shake that gives you a minimum  supply of Shakes and supplements each 2 weeks. You will also receive  30% off standard retail pricing on every product. No maximum usage per year... yeah, buy as much as you want for yourself.


      Earn Retail commission (method #1)

      Receive commission for each customer who signs up and uses your discount code. You'll earn 20% of their total retail purchases for as long as you remain in our Sponsored Competitive Athlete Program 

      Earn Wholesale commission (method #2)

      Receive commission for each gym / box that signs up as a retailer. You will earn 10% on total wholesale purchases for as long as you remain in the Sponsored  Athlete / Model Program

      Share exclusive discounts

      Monthly discounts and special offer codes that you can give out to your friends and family. We will send you insider deals that you can share via Facebook and Twitter.





      Fill out my online form.


      - Ultra Elite Team Athlete -

      Thank you for your interest in joining the Ultra Elite Team! Please review this agreement carefully. This Sponsorship Agreement outlines the offers being made by ULTRA SHAKE INC. ("Ultra-Shake"), and the expectations they have of you ("the athlete") in exchange. A printed copy of this will be mailed to you with your first delivery from us.

      For the purpose of this Sponsorship Agreement, a "personal-use" purchase is defined as one which is bought with the sole intention of it being used by the athlete who purchased it. A "personal-use" purchase cannot be sold to, or purchased for, someone else, and it cannot be delivered to any address except that which is on file as the address of the Athlete.


      a) For the duration of the Sponsorship, Ultra-Shake agrees to provide the athlete with: 
      a non-cumulative credit of $40 - $100 (one-hundred) USA Dollars per month for use on ultra-shake.com ("the Ultra Athlete Credit"); Free Shipping on all personal-use purchases made on Ultra-Shake.com, 30% off all personal-use purchases made on Ultra-Shake.com in excess of the Ultra Athlete Credit; an Ultra-Shake T-shirt, hat, dog tag, shaker cup, and sticker (collectively referred to as an "Athlete Identity Kit") as well as other items, when available; priority consideration for requests of other branded sport-specific items (eg. kilt patches, track suits, etc.) which will be provided free of charge, if available; priority consideration with regards to requests for event sponsorship; access to exclusive contests and opportunities offered only to athletes of the ULTRA Elite Team;

      b) and, for the duration of the Sponsorship, the Athlete agrees to: 
      regularly mention Ultra-Shake and/or Ultra-Shake product(s) in an engaging and publicly-visible post on a social media platform (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect.); contribute product reviews to Ultra-Shake.com and/or other platforms; wear the Ultra-Shake logo in competition, whenever possible; notify Ultra-Shake of upcoming events which they will be competing in; allow Ultra-Shake the use of their image; not make defamatory remarks about Ultra-Shake, its products, or its staff; conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while wearing the Ultra-Shake logo and/or while in any scenario where their actions could be associated with Ultra-Shake; not make or promote any untrue statements or claims about or on behalf of Ultra-Shake; not accept sponsorship from or publicly promote any companies and/or products in direct competition with Ultra Shake.


      Ultra Shake intends to set up publicly viewable profiles on Ultra-Shake.com ("Athlete Profile") for all Elite Team athletes. By default, Athlete Profiles will display one or more photos of the Athlete, the Athlete's name, their recent accomplishments, their reviews of Ultra-Shake products, and some of their athletic stats, such as height and weight.

      a) Athlete Profile Photo
      Each athlete is required to supply Ultra-Shake with a high-quality photo for use on their Athlete Profile. This photo should display the athlete in either in competition, in training, or be a professional-style headshot. It cannot be a "selfie". This photo may be changed throughout the Sponsorship, either by Ultra-Shake, or at the request of the Athlete.

      b) Athlete Profile Privacy
      To accommodate privacy concerns, Ultra-Shake can use alternate names, and alter or omit some other information from the Athlete Profile, if a request is put in by the Athlete prior to the launch of their profile. To ensure requests are received in time, it's best to submit them soon after signing this Agreement.


      The Sponsorship has a default length of one year, beginning on the date that this Sponsorship Agreement is signed, and expiring on December 31st of the same year.

      a) This can be altered if: the Athlete ceases to compete or otherwise fails to provide adequate promotion of Ultra-Shake; either party decides to withdraw from the Sponsorship for any reason; the Sponsorship is set up to support the Athlete through a specific event and expire after said event; the Sponsorship is set up with a different time length established; both parties agree to extend the sponsorship after the initial year.

      b) In the event that both parties wish to extend the sponsorship beyond the initial duration, the Athlete will be notified of all alterations, if any, that are made to the Sponsorship Agreement.


      Ultra-Shake will require the ATHLETE to be prepared at least 3 times a year for any photo-shoot/promotional services provided by Ultra-Shake. Ultra-Shake will retain the rights to use these images for promotional activities during the term of this agreement. Ultra-Shake will notify the ATHLETE 4 weeks in advance, during which the ATHLETE is required to submit photo updates upon SPONSORS request. The ATHLETE has the right to approve in advance all photographs tentatively selected by the SPONSOR for use in advertising and public relations materials.


      a). Social Media- ATHLETE is responsible for maintaining all social media pages including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with updates at Ultra-Shake's request, and work with Ultra-Shake's social media team for promotional activities.


      b). Appearances. ATHLETE will be required to make 1 - 2 appearances per month on the behalf of the Ultra-Shake. Ultra-Shake will provide transportation & hotel (if necessary) for events that are not within 15 mile radius of the ATHLETE.



      a) Ultra-Shake will not sell or otherwise distribute the personal information or contact information of the Athlete to any third parties without the Athletes prior consent.

      b) The terms and conditions of this agreement shall not be disclosed to any third parties without the prior consent of both parties.

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