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THE BEST YOGA SHAKES IN TOWN!! I'm not a fan of shakes, whey protein builds, and every other ingredient that makes you feel like you're about to turn into Frankenstein. Mostly every power bar now consists of complicated names and soy These shakes powdered, because when we powder raw food, it preserves the life and the nutrients the meal has to offer. Think about it, to nurture your health, it's much better to consume life from the ground rather than death. I spoke to the company and they let me in on their inspiration: traveling to a place in China called Bama, where everyone was over 100 years old. There was only one good reasoning, and that's for the alkalinity from the mountains water running into the rivers and their consumption of super foods. A real, organic protein from the ground that has short, sweet names that are meant for you to understand."

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clinton murray

"I just finished a heavy set leg workout at the gym and I needed some #nutrients ASAP. I am glad I had this Powerful Protein Ultra Shake on hand to quickly recover.. Go get yours!!"

Taline Diaz

I really enjoyed these shakes! Not only are they delicious but they're packed with the best organic ingredients you can get! I keep them in my car and my gym bag to have as a quick post workout shake with 25 grams of protein! My favorite is chocolate peanut butter!! Yum!!

Brook Golden

@ultrashakes is such an amazing supplement to your daily regimen, and that is why I fully represent it! I use these shakes for a mid-day snack to fill some macros. They taste delicious ????

Andrea Lowell

@Andrealowellfitness20g plant-based protein, #complexcarbs, and #electrolytes....sooooo yummy! All #organic, #plantbased, and loaded w 21 #superfoods! I had this before and after my workout yesterday and was very pleased with @ultrashake's @veganlifeshake Mmmm. These bottles are totally #BPAFree. This is not a paid post, I just thought they were super yummy and deserved some love!

Hazel Mcdonald

@ultrashake Well, I couldn't believe that it would taste as good as they said it would. I tried it and was really disappointed it was all gone so quickly. My body is tingling with gratitude. I can't wait to try them in a recipe. Goodness! I'm hooked already. Lol. There should be a warning label attached.

Buck Miller

ThisPeanut Butter Delight Superfood Protein Shake  from Ultrashake hit the spot after a serious Delt Demolition Session tonight?21 Superfoods with 13 Grams of Quality Protein and 23 Vitamins and Minerals will do the body good after training or until you get some food in your system